BIOLEY SATIS-5 Multi Grain 800g [Cereal] x 2 Can With Free FF Oats With Chia Seed 800g
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Product SKU BIOLEY SATIS-5 CAN X 2 Can With Free FFC_Seed
Brand Bioley
Points Needed 13800
  • High In Calcium
  • High In Dietry Fibre
  • High In Protein
  • High In Magnesium
  • High In Vitamin B1
  • Source of Vitamin B3
  • Source of Iron


What Is Multigrain?
Multigrain means that a food contains more than one type of grains and seeds, such as oats, barley, brown rice, buckwheat, chai seed, blacksesame, lotus seed, sesame seed and many more are rich in minerals andnutrients. Today, Multigrain foods are widely respected as healthybalanced diet for general wellness.

Multigrain provides complete nutritional value you need each day. Its packed with nutrients, including calcium, dietry fibre, protein, B vitamins, antioxidants and trace of minerals (iron, zin and magnesium). A diet rich in Multigrain helps to stimulate peristaltic motion in the gut, maintaining healthy weight, reduce blood cholesterol level, lower risk of heart disease, helping to prevent diabetes and among others.

Benefits of Main Natural Ingredients
- Helps in growing healthy Hair and aid in blocking Cholesterol production.
- Stronger Antioxidant to protect body from Oxidative damage.
- Health benefits for the Bones, Teeth, Kidney and Liver. 

- Provides Satiety in term of weight management and prevent Obesity.
- Helps in lowering Cholesterol levels, reduce developing of Diabetes and improve Heart Health.
- Rich in Antioxidants to slow down process of Ageing and helps to repair damaged of Cells. 

- Contains enzyme which helps in repairing damaged proteins.
- Known for its anti-inflammatory properties which repairs aging gum tissue.
- Stop vomitting or soothe irritation of the digestive tract.

- Improves Brain function to prevent memory lost from old age.
- Ability to emulsify and break down fat to prevent Liver disease from accumulation of fat deposits in Liver cells.
- Helps to lower Cholesterol level and reduce risk of Cardiovascular disease.

- Promotes Digestive and alleviates Constipation.
- Helps to prevent Obesity and Diabetes.
- Helps to lower Cholesterol level and improve Nervous system.




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What's in the box

2 Can x 800g

( Free 1 Pack 800g Farmer Fresh Instant Oats With Chia Seed.)