GOLD CHOICE Dual Freeze Coffee
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  • 100% Freeze Dried Instant Coffee
  • Uniquely blended with Arabica & Robusta Coffee Beans
  • Freeze Concentrated Process Technique
  • Freeze Dried Process Technique
  • 阿拉比卡和罗布斯塔咖啡豆独特混合体
  • 冷冻浓缩
  • 冷冻干燥
  • 绝对无任何其他添加物
  • #SmallBeansBigTaste


1 FREEZE CONCENTRATION is based on the fractional crystallization of water to ice and the subsequent separation of the ice crystals from the concentrated coffee liquid during the initial phase of coffee extraction.

This process operating at sub-zero temperatures preserves the flavours & retain the quality of the fresh coffee extracts of which tend to be evaporated/escaped from the normal heating process.

2 FREEZE DRYING is a final phase of water removal process in short. Freeze drying works by freezing the coffee extract,  then reducing the pressure in the vacuum chamber and adding heat to allow the frozen of water  in the coffee extract to sublimate which literally means the change of its phase from solid to gas without turning into liquid.

Our coffee is produced through the application of the aforesaid

 “DUAL” processes, therefore it is named ... DUAL-FREE2E


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